Jewellery Care Instructions

At March we create Fine Silver jewellery that allows you to celebrate the eternity of fashion and styling. Silver Jewellery has become a fashion exhibit, an accessible luxury for all of you to bring out your elegance effortlessly. Whilst maintaining a constant charm of the plated textures is essential as they have a specific duration & require adequate safety for prolonged life. Here is our part on how you can preserve them too. 

Care Guide 

  1. Careful While Dressing: Assuring your accessory is the final step when you start to dress up and the foremost step to take them off when you enter the home. Because if you wear them in the first place there are chances of knocking and scratching through clothes & which can also lead parts to break. 
  2. Keep It Dry: Avoid putting on jewelry when doing dishes, laundry, bathing or swimming. Cleaning products have tough chemicals & can take away the luster of jewelry. Also do not expose them to perfume, hair spray & creams. 
  3. Keep Safe Storage: Use a soft silky cloth to cover the jewelry. Store in an airtight zip lock pouch and each piece in separate sections so they remain untangled. Or else they will brush against each other resulting in dullness and scrapes on jewelry. 

 Also, avoid high temperatures & keep in a cool dry place